L Styled ?

IMG_5582H E L L O . W O R L D

My name is Lyia Vann and I’m a dog loving- wifey -bossbabe in a love affair with all things fashion. You can typically spot me at The Bridal Boutique where I style brides by day and riffle through stacks of paper work by night. I own The Bridal Boutique along side my bomb ass mom and two sister (whom I’m sure you will get to know very well).

My blog is 100% about me; my life in style.

On Lstyled I will reveal my personal style and fashion inspirations. You will get to know my stunning mom and sisters as well as my fly ass hubby. Accompany me on my adventures with my 2 red-nose poochies (who deserved a blog dedicated just to them). Jet-set with me to my favourite cities across the world uncovering my 2 favourite things in life; fashion and food.

Follow me on this journey that we call life .. in style of course.

xx. Lstyled

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