FITSPO. J.16.17


Happy Friday !!

Fresh off the plane from a week in LA and MTL I’m feeling like I need to get back into the swing of things. The one thing about traveling for me personally is I eat A LOT and do minimal exercise. While in LA and MTL my hubby and I did walk a lot  (at least 20K steps a day) so i guess that makes up for not keeping up with my daily workouts.

Now don’t get it twisted, I am by no means a gym junkie ! But I do believe in a healthy active lifestyle. I work out 3 days a week and combine that with healthy meal options. I try and make healthy life choices on a daily basis (walk to work instead of drive, stairs instead of elevator, fruits and veggies and definitely NEVER fast food). That being said I still do have sweets here and there, its all about moderation. I definitely do not deprive myself. Long story short I stay active so I can look and feel good as well as be able indulge when I see fit.

My workouts are pretty basic. Lucky for me my hubby is ultra active and athletic so he is a big motivator and guides me with my gym regiment . I focus on toning and maintaining, so long as my body is defined, my tummies stays flat and my booties plump I have no complaints (haha).  At the end of the day its about  being healthy and  feeling good in your skin, so whatever’s clever !!

Since we really only get 4 months of nice weather I think its important to take advantage of the summer months. On beautiful days you can catch me on a cardio stroll with my poochies or having a workout sesh in the park.

Peep my photos from todays workout by the beautiful Elbow River.


xx. Lstyled.

Outfit: Nike from Nordstrom

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